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Lasertag or laser battle — active military tactical simulator game in real time. Difference lasertag from paintball and airsoft guns in his safe because is completely excluded sub munitions. The role of the striking elements in the lasertag is performed by the IR beam as well as the hit in the enemy is fixed by special IR sensors fixed on the player's head, which eliminates the appearance of controversial points - hit, did not hit. "Killed player" is automatically blocked, thus there is no chance of being "killed" to actively interfere with the gameplay. The essence of the game lasertag - the participation of two or more teams whose goals are determined by the scenarios. To date, more than 50 standard scenarios and more than 300 of their modifications have been developed. With all this, the hardware settings allow you to create your own exclusive scenarios.



In the Lasertag there are no striking elements in the form of balls with paint, etc. Shot from any weapon is carried out by an IR beam which is fixed by IR sensors on the enemy's head. Thus, the Lasertag becomes available even to children.


In Lasertag you are not distracted by financial issues - there is no need to buy additional ammunition. You are completely immersed in the gameplay, because recharging can be done indefinitely, if this function is not limited to the scenario of the game.

Active & Dynamic

A variety of scenarios and the ability to configure the equipment in combination with easy access to the gameplay sets a unique rhythm of the game. Passion from the first minutes and a unique desire to rush into battle again and again give rise to the team spirit of combat partnership.


Birthday parties

Celebrate your birthday party with positive emotions!

Offsite Activities

Organization of outdoor events in parks and playgrounds!

Corporate events

Lasertag is a great way to unite people in one team!

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